Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Adventures of Incredi-Boy

Okay, true story. While visiting the new grandbaby this past weekend New Mom decided it was Tummy Time. She put him on a blanket and cooed "Do you think you'll roll over Ethan?" We laughed, everyone of us. Ethan was exactly two weeks old. Silly New Mom. Babies do not roll over that young, even special ones like Ethan.

But to our surprise, he kicked his tiny little two-week new feet so hard that he flipped about half-way up. Moments later he lifted his little head high off the ground. The cutest thing ever. He then dropped his head as if he'd just run a marathon. Cute again. It's all so cute. Amazing how something so tiny can transfix so many adults. But I digress...

Fast forward two days. Ethan is now sixteen days old. I get a call from Jen, breathless and excited. She put little Ethan down for Tummy Time, then stepped out of the room for just a second, and guess what?! He was on his back when she came back! Does this count for rolling over?! Can she put a sticker on his calendar? I don't really have the answer. Probably. Maybe. But he's only two-weeks old. It could be a fluke, but he did almost do it two days earlier...

Well, the next day, I get another call. Another tummy time. She just had to go to the bathroom...

And yep. You guessed it. On his back again when she returned. Seventeen days old.

In case you're wondering, I looked at two legitimate sources. One said they roll as early as 2 1/2 months. The other said the average is between 4 and 6 months.

Yep. That's my grandson.

Jen was so sad to miss it twice in a row, poor thing. But Ethan now gets a video camera pointed on him during Tummy Time. And Jen is NOT to step out of the room, even for a second, I don't care how loud her bladder screams. Got that Sweetie?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Warning: following pictures may be too cute




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Heaven's Magic Trick


Just home from the hospital, my daughter told me she felt bad my babies hadn't been as adorable as hers. I asked why she thought they weren't. "No baby has ever been as cute and perfect as this one," she said.

I had to agree, except that twenty-three years ago I too brought home the most amazing and perfect baby ever. I have no explanation for this apparent contradiction besides heavenly magic.
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Ethan made it for Easter!!!!

Baby Ethan arrived yesterday morning, a beautiful Easter present for the family. He's currently challenging his mother for the world's baby sleeping record. But his beautiful sleepy face (I haven't even seen eyes yet) is absolutely perfect. There's even a dimple in his sweet little chin. Details: born 7:33 a.m. 4/12/09 (his due date!) 6 lb 14 oz, 19 inches long. There were a few scary moments at first, the cord was wrapped around his neck, so we held our breath and prayed for a full two minutes until he cried. Then they took him away instead of letting Mom enjoy him. But all's well now, and we're just loving him to death! Pictures to follow when I get my technology in order.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


There is nothing more challenging than carrying out a successful April Fool's Day prank on a prankster. If you read yesterday's entry, you know that my oldest daughter Jen is just such a girl. In fact, she did succeed in convincing her fellow employees that her water had broken. Obviously they don't know her like we do.

Undeterred, her two younger sisters searched and searched for the perfect prank. It started with a little goof in yesterday's blog that was hardly noticeable. But Jen sure saw it. I happened to call the little guy we're waiting on Evan. Everybody who's anybody knows that his name is Ethan. Has been for a long time. Shortly after I blogged, her sister Natalie sent her a text and asked how baby Evan was doing. We thought for sure she'd catch on, but she called her other sister, Whitney. "What's my baby's name?"

Whitney, bless her, played it straight. "Ethan."

"How do you spell it?"


"Then why do Mom and Natalie think it's Evan?"

"That's weird. I have no idea."

At dinner, we discussed the events of the day, and did a little dance of joy that Jen seemed to be swallowing the deception whole. We decided to let her in on the joke by having Natalie send another text. >>Whitney says you're naming the baby Ethan. When did you change your mind?

We sat around the dinner table waiting for a reply text, expecting her to slap her forehead and feel stupid. But no, she calls.

Looking terrified, Natalie answers the phone. After that, she carries on a full five-minute academy award worthy performance, pretending that she never knew the baby was going to be named Ethan. At one point Jen even said. "Well, April Fools, his name's Ethan." At first I thought she was telling us she knew it was a trick. But no, she was totally buying it, even though she obviously remembered what day it was. Natalie didn't even flinch. I, on the other hand, had taken my customary April fool's position behind the kitchen counter, trying to muffle my laughter. I'm very good at that job, by the way.

After the call, Jen immediately called my phone. I didn't answer, of course. I was still hiding behind the kitchen counter--clearly made up of different stuff than my valiant daughters.

Seconds later the home phone rings, and hubby answers. Being above the silliness, he informs his daughter that everyone in the family knows the baby's name. Have known it all along.

But she doesn't believe him. "Mom even blogged the wrong name!"

When she finally came around, and admitted to being "just a little upset," she reminded her dad to have me fix my blog. Yeah right. I'm not destroying a record of the time we finally got the master back. I just hope little ETHAN didn't suffer too much from his Mom's distress.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Impasse

Two years ago today, my charming daughter announced at a family gathering that she was expecting. We swallowed it up, complete with the tale of failed birth control and having to drop out of the masters program she'd just begun. None of us were amused when she fessed up.

So yesterday during her daily "I'm fine, Little Evan isn't coming yet" phone call, I told her that she absolutely can not go into labor today because I'm totally expecting a call telling me she's on her way to the hospital. And I will not believe her. Nor will I make the two-hour drive to Logan. She asked what she should do if she really is in labor. I suggested a code word. She pointed out she might just consider using it as part of her story. We didn't come up with a solution...other than keeping her legs crossed until tomorrow. It might also help if she stopped telling fibs. (Just kidding hon, keep those fibs coming.)

Pleasant Grove Library Fundraiser

Here's more detail on the event I'll be attending this Friday! What a great way to spend a Friday night!

Pleasant Grove Library Book Festival Fundraiser

This is an event you don’t want to miss! On April 3rd, 2009 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Pleasant Grove Library, Provident Book and Humdinger Toys, Scholastic books, and fourteen authors are uniting together by appearing at the Festival and selling their books and other merchandise to help raise funds for the Pleasant Grove Library. There will be author readings, door prizes, music, and more! With the economic conditions, our library needs all the support and help that we can give it so our community will continue to have the services we've enjoyed in the past. All the proceeds from the Festival will go toward our library and its programs.

This is definitely a family event so tell your friends and family to come meet their favorite author, do their spring book and toy shopping and show support for literacy and the library in our community!

Some of the authors that will be appearing: Rachel Ann Nunes, Julie Coulter Bellon, J. Scott Savage, Tristi Pinkston, Julie Wright, GG Vandagriff, Suzanne V. Reese, H.B. Moore, Christy Hardman, Jewel Adams, Rebecca Shelley, Elodia Strain, Anne Bradshaw, and Stacy Gooch Anderson.