Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Suess Madness

I'm in the home-stretch of a surreal couple of weeks supervising ten adorable Who Youth, one Little Kangaroo, and an Elephant Bird. Mostly I just color backstage, straighten scarfs, and push hats up so the audience can see their cute Who faces. Every once in a while things get really wild and I have to make a mad dash for one of those hats, or a shirt, or maybe a butter knife, before the anxious little Who has to be on stage. The other day I made one such sprint into the men's dressing room and ran head-long into a trio of acrobatic monkeys. Talk about hazardous career paths. Though that's probably not as risky as being one of those monkeys, especially when wild-eyed grannies go running into the middle of their practice. All in all, it's been a blast, the show is great...and I'm exhausted.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Everything's Coming Up...SEUSS!!

My Little Actor Extraordinaire is once again preparing for a big production. Can you believe it's only been two years since he dragged me on stage with him for his big debut in Music Man? I guess what's amazing is this is his seventh musical since then! Seven musicals in two years? Man, am I an insane mother or what? AnyWHO...(ha ha, I am so laughing by myself right now.) I'm laughing because we are living and breathing everything WHO these days. As in, Seussical the Musical (LIVE! At the Sandy Amphitheatre! Showing August 14-22! Tickets on sale at SmithTix! Okay, enough advertising.)

Dress rehearsals start tonight--as in a whole week of them. In a couple hours I get to attempt to create Ken Hair on my little one's head. I've been stocking up on hair gels and glues and sprays. Not to mention mascara, eye liners, and lipsticks. His dad is so proud. =)You can bet pictures will follow.

Today he had me take him to the library so he could check out every book mentioned in Seussical that we don't currently own, so he can be up and current on the entire story. Anybody remember the Butter Battle Book? Or Gertrude McFuzz? I think she's my favorite. Although Mayzie is pretty amazing.