Thursday, June 19, 2008

Move over pioneers

An amazing thing happened this morning. I got up early - at least it was early by late-night musical during the summer standards - to see my daughters off to a youth conference. While they were getting ready I puttered around the kitchen and the garden, until my little one got up, at about 9:30, which was still early by the same standard.

Anyway, the remarkable thing is what I said about his breakfast: "I've got some hot cereal that I ground from our breakfast blend, and while I was at it I ground some flour and made these muffins, and if you want you can put these strawberries that I just picked on your cereal."

I stopped then, when I realized what I had said, and waited for applause from the heavens. My pioneer ancestors had to have been proud. Never mind that there are towels on the floor sopping up the water that the kids dripped while running in and out yesterday, mountains of dirty clothes in the laundry room, groceries still in their bags, and dust an inch think on every flat surface of the house...for that little moment in time I was about a domestic goddess.


And now I'm just glad I got it out of my system.

Monday, June 16, 2008

No Swearing Please...

I need to clarify - based on feedback I've received - that the script did not include any swearing on my son's part. I'm sorry to all those who may have fainted, gasped, or otherwise suffered by the misunderstanding.

I sent out a disclaimer to some of my friends about the musical. It is absolutely amazing and inspiring with some of the best music I've ever heard. It does, however, contain quite a bit of swearing. I didn't know this until we accepted the part and received the script. After a bit of a shock to my system (I confess that neither my husband or I swear, ever. It's just not a challenge to either of us.) We conferred and decided that we needed to proceed, since we had made a commitment, and that we could take the opportunity to teach some lessons about vulgarity to our son. We have, and I'm comfortable that what he's gaining from this experience has counter-balanced the negative. It's still uncomfortable to watch the innocent little guy in the middle of the baseball scene (father takes him to the 'civilized' sport, where a bunch of rowdy immigrants spit and curse). Confessions again - while half of me is cringing, the other half is doubled over laughing, it really is a funny scene. So there you have it - take my disclaimer for what it's worth. I really encourage you to come, just leave the little ones at home--and please don't throw any tomotoes at me! I've already got enough conflicted guilt to last me a lifetime.

Full House

Two performances down, four to go. Saturday night they said that 1100 tickets were sold for that night alone! Standing ovations both nights - and not even a sign of stage fright. Even though his character has a name - Edgar, he plays the part of Little Boy. There is also a Little Girl, Mother, Father, Younger Brother, and Grandfather--all nameless. After Friday night's performance, he asked his sister if she'd noticed him scratch his leg in one of the last scenes. He said he was so tired he was itching all over, and he just couldn't help it. Then he said, "But I think it's ok, cause Little Boys scratch sometimes."

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Long Days, Short Nights

Thursday I picked Brandon up from school, and on the way home he said, "I can hardly wait for practice tonight, because I get to see all my friends." "You do realize they're all adults don't you?" "Yeah, so?"

After a week of school days followed by late-night rehearsals for my son's upcoming musical, I woke him on Saturday morning for an 8:00 a.m. rehearsal. I found him a few minutes later lying on the couch, dressed in his school uniform. "Brandon!" I said, "it's Saturday! You're going to a practice." He groaned and dragged back downstairs. "I'm sooo tired."

So am I am I...