Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Title Change

I just heard from my editor that my book has received a new title. It's actually the second change, but I didn't publicize the first because...let's just say I wasn't wild about it. But my editor went to bat for me, and I'm cringing at the thoughts of the bruises she may have suffered in my behalf, but she convinced them to put it back on the bargaining table.

So...Still Here...briefly turned Cypress Storm...has become...

Where Hearts Prosper.

(Thank you, thank you...hold your applause.)

PLEASE don't say anything if you liked Cypress Storm better (okay, go ahead and tell me, I'd really be curious, a little mortified maybe, but curious).

But I'm pleased with the final choice - the book is set in the tiny town of Prosper, Arizona, so it seems especially fitting, and hopefully a couple of people will also like it, at least enough that I'm not embarrassed to death by the sales numbers.

The release date is now December 1st, so think Christmas!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


1. My Sunshine Girl had her first ultrasound today. She reports that Baby is singular, healthy, and a mover. She laughed when I asked if that meant the baby wiggled. "Most babies wiggle," she says (a proud Mama already). "This baby kicks, kicks, kicks, kicks, kicks. The head was on top when we started, and at the bottom when we finished." She was appropriately nervous about what this might mean about Baby's personality, but I think it just means that she's gonna get plenty bruised in the next few months, and then Baby is going to arrive with the same bright and happy personality of his/her Momma. I am so ready for that.

2. My Elder touches down on Draper soil TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY!!! That pretty much speaks for itself.

3. On Monday, my Natalie did me the honors of typing the words THE END at the bottom of my young adult paranormal romance, Perfectly Normal.

And as you can imagine, today I am gushing!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Why I Had My Smooshy Face

If there was ever a moment when I wondered why I decided to have another kid after my other four were more than half-way done growing up, my smooshy-face little cutie answered it this morning. (Not that I'm admitting I have, I'm just saying if, especially now that I'm looking at the prospect of being a grandma while still in the mommy business.) He was reading the comics while eating his breakfast, like he does every morning, and he pointed out the 'Baby Blues' comic strip to his dad. The sister in the strips asks her little brother what three things he'd take with him to survive on a desert island, and he says "That's easy, food, water, and mom." Then my little Brandon says, "Duh. Who wouldn't take those things?"

And that's why I had him. The cutie pie.


Not me, thank goodness. I get to do it the easy way this time!!! I've added a ticker to the right - now that I'm free to announce my big news! I'm gonna be a grandma!! Woo hoo!! My beautiful baby girl is going to have one of her own. Life doesn't get any better than that!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Youtube Debut

My Whit put this together, a first video for both of them. She was sooo sick of the song by the time she got done, but it shows how much she loves her little bro. He's talked in a dreamy voice about the day he can make it onto Youtube (it's so sweet when they're naive like that.) At least this is one dream I can make come true!