Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Package

I'm dying to call Michigan right now. But it's kind of middle of the night there, so I'm refraining. Instead, I decided to come here and give a big shout out to one of my most amazing of friends. Well, I guess technically she's family. But she's one of those great family members that you would choose in a heartbeat as a life-long friend, if you weren't already connected by family ties.

I count myself lucky to have many of you that fall into that category, so don't feel bad if you thought for a second I was talking about you, cause I could have been. But today the shout out is just for her. Apparently my frumpy post hit a nerve, and she took it upon herself to make me feel better. I'm talking makeup, jewelry, head covers, home decor, and of course CHOCOLATE! Caramel too, with a note that it's the next best thing to chocolate. And she's right, it is fabulous caramel. Every item came with a cheery note.

The house decor has already been put into place (it just arrived minutes ago). My poor non-magnetized fridge has been feeling awfully naked. These gel gems came with a note that they make her smile. And I am so smiling now, looking at those little cheery yellow flowers sitting in their little corner and reminding me of my sister friend. Life. Is. So. Good.

Thanks Carol!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Big Huge Questions of the Universe

I've been pondering some things lately. This is stuff I have no answer for. Deep stuff. Troubling stuff. Stuff that keeps me up nights. I'd really like your thoughts on these matters, so if you have any, please chime in.

First, why it is that bills and junk mail make it to the mail box in an absolute and timely manner; but checks, packages, and letters get all kinds of lost and take all kinds time? Seriously, I don't think it's my imagination.

Next, why is it the human body can't figure out when it has consumed one of those fast-food salads with 20 million calories? I mean, if calories are just an equation for the amount of energy food has provided, why doesn't the body stop half-way through the salad and think, "Hey! I am sooo stuffed. I know this is just a salad, but it feels like I just had a 1000 calories, so I think I'll quit." No, that would be too easy. Instead it's saying, "I only had a itty-bitty salad for dinner, so I think now I'll have some cheesecake." Seriously, the body is an amazing thing, why can it not figure this out? Why do we need books and calorie charts to tell us these things?

And finally, why after a round of hair-losing meds, have I had to trade my eyebrow tweezers for an eyebrow pencil; but at the same time my toe hairs have multiplied by about a thousand? Again, I would really, truly like to know. I'm thinking maybe hair follicles are affected by gravity? But it's just a theory.

Answers are welcome - as are any of your own deep unaswerable questions.