Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Here's My Sign

I realized yesterday that I'm an idiot. Actually, I knew that already, I was just reminded of it yesterday. And before you start scolding me for being self-depricating, I know I'm not an idiot all of the time. But when I'm not pretending to be smart, I'm doing a pretty good job a the stupid thing. And if you're in my writer's group, I'm not referring to the stupid thing I said yesterday. This dumb was even better.

You see, I had a contest last month as part of the launch of Where Hearts Prosper. Some of you know that because you entered it. When the contest ended, I did a random drawing and selected a winner. Then I decided I needed to round up all the reviews that have come in and put them on my website so I could provide a link when I announce the winner. And the reviews have been surprisingly good. In fact the only criticism I've read so far has been of my publisher. Boy is that a relief. This author thing is nerve-wracking.

So anyway, I got about half-way done with the task of gathering reviews, when an elephant sat on my chest. It was really a little virus, not an elephant, but it seriously felt like it. I spent almost a week totally out of it. That was almost three weeks ago, and I'm still sitting here with a humidifier next to me sucking on a cough drop.

And I totally forgot about the contest. Not that it happened, just that I hadn't finished it. Yesterday I saw the winner's name, and thought. "Oh there's the winner of my contest." Then it hit me that I was the only one who knew she was the winner. So while I'm handing myself my sign, I'll also announce the winner...Taffy Lovell! Taffy is a great friend, and a writer herself.

And please go to my website and check out those reviews yourself so that the delay wasn't a complete waste of time.


Taffy said...

OK! WIERD! I was just thinking about you today and decided I would go to your blog and see who won! Oh yeah! Go Me!
And I'd like to thank the academy....

Thanks Suzanne!
I was also talking about you and your book the other night....i'll have to give you the lowdown later. It was all good!

And I really hope you feel better. DH and I went into the dr. and I left with a prescription for antibiotics.

Anonymous said...
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