Friday, October 5, 2007

New Chapter

Writing a life story is kind of a tricky thing. One never wants to write it while right in the middle of it, that's like writing a novel with no ending. But if one waits too long...well, obviously there's a point where it's too late.

So, assuming I get the timing right and manage to sneak mine in before I die, there would be periods of time that would naturally be headed under different chapters. For instance, there would be the Newlywed Years, the Huge-Bellied-What's-My-Name-Again?-Baby-Years, the Lost-In-a-Fog-And-Oh-Yeah-I-Remember-You're-My-Husband-Years, the Where-Did-All-These-Hormonal-Teenagers-Come-From?-Years. I'm not sure exactly what the years I've just had will be entitled (maybe The Nest Starts to Empty?) or what the next will be, but I'm sensing a new chapter is about to start.

Like most people, for years now my days have been filled with a variety of activities that keep pretty much every hour filled. When any one project ends, another is soon found to fill in the gap. Or sometimes one has to be dropped, or postponed, because another has become all-consuming. All those activities weave together kind of like a quilt. They don't usually all come to an end at the same time.

But until recently, I've been: my girl's yearbook advisor - they're done at that school; Young women's counselor - finished; building a house - built, and I won't be doing that again while the housing market's in a coma; an at-home auditor, well, not quite as recently, the company was sold last year; a wedding planner - all involved living happily ever after, with no future brides or grooms coming of age for several years; star of stage and screen - that was a fluke and will require a long recuperation period.

I'm enjoying the time off, and there are plenty of small projects that that could still use my attention (like finding the answer to the elusive question: what is the color of the carpet in my bedroom closet?)

But I've decided, while hanging out around the house the past week or so, that one of my biggest fears in life is not being able to fill in the blank to the following statement: "Please excuse the mess, I've just been so busy with ________________."

So there's my motivation. I've got to get started on that new chapter soon so that it doesn't become "The Cleaning Years." Ugh. Not that I have anything against a clean house - just having it as my top priority - well, not in my life story.

So I'll keep you posted.


Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

The Cleaning Years . . . now that would be a horror story. I look around my house . . . oh yeah, I need to purchase that chapter.

Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

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