Monday, June 16, 2008

No Swearing Please...

I need to clarify - based on feedback I've received - that the script did not include any swearing on my son's part. I'm sorry to all those who may have fainted, gasped, or otherwise suffered by the misunderstanding.

I sent out a disclaimer to some of my friends about the musical. It is absolutely amazing and inspiring with some of the best music I've ever heard. It does, however, contain quite a bit of swearing. I didn't know this until we accepted the part and received the script. After a bit of a shock to my system (I confess that neither my husband or I swear, ever. It's just not a challenge to either of us.) We conferred and decided that we needed to proceed, since we had made a commitment, and that we could take the opportunity to teach some lessons about vulgarity to our son. We have, and I'm comfortable that what he's gaining from this experience has counter-balanced the negative. It's still uncomfortable to watch the innocent little guy in the middle of the baseball scene (father takes him to the 'civilized' sport, where a bunch of rowdy immigrants spit and curse). Confessions again - while half of me is cringing, the other half is doubled over laughing, it really is a funny scene. So there you have it - take my disclaimer for what it's worth. I really encourage you to come, just leave the little ones at home--and please don't throw any tomotoes at me! I've already got enough conflicted guilt to last me a lifetime.

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