Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sisters in Battle

In the last couple of days I've been introduced to two different women who are related to old friends of mine. Women who are battling this breast cancer beast--not that I've met them personally, just that I've learned their stories.

And while I've heard a lot of moving stories of people touched by cancer, tonight I'm thinking especially of these two. I'm told that once you get the diagnosis, you become part of a pink sisterhood. I'm just starting to appreciate that.

One of the ladies is on her second go-around with the disease, and it's not good. She's resigned herself to the horror of it all and is just happy for the year with her family that she didn't think she'd get.

The other just got the news and is still grappling with how to make sense of the insensible. How to accept the unacceptable. She doesn't know how to tell her children. Or her father. Or how to say goodbye to a part of her body that she really wants to keep.

I look back on my own experience of gradual acceptance, and I want to cry for that woman, for what I know she's going through. I look ahead to what the other has had to accept and pray I'll never walk in her steps.

The best I can do tonight though is to pray for them. For all of us girls in pink.


Kimi said...

Phew! When I saw the title I thought of a whole different subject. Still on the high road, I see. Good girl.

You are amazing and those other girls in pink are lucky to have you in their club. I mean, if you have to be in that club in the first place, at least there should be some pretty great people in there with you. I know you will be one to comfort, support, educate, and love others who are going through the same #$%^& that you have. (Didn't want to have to say 'crap' on here. That would be distasteful).

Ms. Maxwell said...

Today I'm wearing pink - both literally and figuratively...and I read this AFTER I got dressed this morning, too.

What a thoughtful, beautiful post. Thank you.

Suzanne Reese said...

Keems, I do have worry about you being distasteful. I'm saying it all the time. Love you! You're way, way, way too nice.

And (ahem) Ms. Maxwell, thank you too. It was from the hear. And thanks for sending me off in the direction of your blog and company website. I've spent the morning when I have way too much other stuff to do! But I love it all!

Tristi Pinkston said...

I'm praying for all you girls in pink, too, and am constantly amazed at your strength and perseverance.