Monday, January 24, 2011

Time for a Re-do

When we sold our home a little over a year ago, cancer wasn't in the plans. Of course cancer is not the kind of thing anyone plans on. But this was especially bad timing, getting the news just days after selling the house. It would have been devastating, except that we could feel the Lord's hand in it all.

So the house we moved to was not intended to be permanent. Just a place to re-group and heal. And we felt the Lord guide us, so that was good.

And while it's done the job nicely, we've been left in a bit of a quandary. It has felt like time to move on for a few months now, but the thought of packing up and moving again is just way too overwhelming.

So I have a plan.

And it's a good one.

You see, Friday morning we are going to wake up, strip down the beds, and proceed to do a complete home makeover. Each and every room, including the kitchen and the bathrooms, are going to be totally remodeled and updated, on that very day! Even the yard! Even the neighborhood! Every last detail will be new (to us and least). Well, except for the neighborhood thing. That will be old, as in our old one. It's going to be the easiest large-scale remodel in the history of the planet. By the end of the weekend the entire house will be redone.

I realize this might sound suspiciously like a move. But as I said, I can't even think about that.

But a remodel? One that only takes a weekend? One that plants me in the same neighborhood as a whole bunch of my favorite people? Yeah, I can totally do that.

It's gonna be a good weekend.


Happily Cheesy said...

"Baby steps." On to the elevator you go eh?

Mike and Jen said...

I wish that blogs had a "like" button. Remodel sounds good to me!

Kimi said...

Sounds great! Can't wait to see your Extreme Makeover!

Special Offers said...

I love your blog. I'm sorry to hear about your cancer, but I know that you are a strong woman who can fight this and win. Always remember that nothing can bring you down and I want you to stay positive and determined to beat this. :)