Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The end is finally near!

After two long years, I finally got THE letter. The one confirming that my missionary son has a ticket home! Yeah! It's really going to happen! That quiet teenage boy...turned man in the blink of an eye...is coming home October 8 - two months from now! I asked him how he thinks he's changed the most, and says that he's not as materialistic.

Which is such a relief, because...here's the thing:

Your bed? Well, I guess if you're picky, that would include your bedroom -- Nat would like to know if you'd mind hanging your hammock in the hall? Little sisters, I know they can be pains. Speaking of which, your other little sister, Whitney, she's loving your car. It runs on natural gas you know? About .75 cents a gallon. Pretty sweet. But she did save your phone for you (like, duh). She just took the number it goes with. Then there's your I-pod. The girls tell me you wouldn't want it even if it did still work, because it's so old and outdated. Which leaves your laptop. The one I'm currently writing this blog on. The one I've written almost two full novels on. Yeah. That one. We're going to have to discuss that .

But please don't freak out. Think of the lady who lives in the stick hut. The one who can't even think of what else she'd want. Remember how happy she is.

Besides, you still have your clothes. Assuming they fit with all the weight you've lost.

And I promise, no matter what, I won't let your sisters hang a hammock in the hall.
Don't worry, I've got your back. That's what moms are for.


Just so said...

Found your blog through Mormon Mommy Blogs. Congrats on the missionary returning soon. I'm sure he won't mind the hammock in the hallway...at least for the first little while. Ease him back into the real world. :)

A. HOLLAND. ETC. said...

suzanne, this is alisa. fyi our blog is temporarily unpriviatized...love to keep in touch with you via blogging...leave me your email if you are game!


Anne Bradshaw said...

Congrats on getting him home, Suzanne!

I also just have to let you know about a GREAT new and safe LDS website for sisters only, called "Our Ladies Room" at http://www.ourladiesroom.com/

Lots of super ladies on there already, and plenty of groups and forums to join and discuss a ton of issues.

Hope to see you there!

Oh, and I have a book contest running on my blog again, in case you want to check it out :-)

littlereddoorkids said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog. You are sweet.
Good Luck