Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The corn was as high as a puppy dog's eye...

By popular demand - okay by request of my daughter who lives in Logan, but she's pretty darn popular - I took a picture of the mutant corn. It's kind of hard to see (seeing as how small it is), but it's right behind my little doggie (isn't he adorable?) and you can tell how small HE is by the size of his gigantic tags (don't those vets realize that all dogs aren't German Shepherds? I mean seriously, imagine having to lug those things around just to prove you'd had your shots, but I digress...)
Behind the corn, towering over it, is our pumpkin patch, behind that a swing, and in the top left, also towering, are some gladiolas. Yep, sad little plant. I did call extension, and other than the same ol party line (did you fertilize? is the soil well-drained? plenty of sun?) they had no idea. But we're not dead yet, so I guess it's not toxic.

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