Thursday, January 29, 2009

Book Review Contest Deadline Approaches!

I just received the nicest review from a cute friend of mine. Check it out on Taffy's Candy blog.

And don't forget - the deadline is almost here for my review contest. Just send me a note at contest @ letting me know you've posted a review of Where Hearts Prosper somewhere. You'll be entered in a random drawing to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card. I've been a little shy about reminding folks - since I only want them to do it if they honestly liked the book. But if you did, get writing. There's only a couple of days left, and the odds are really good on this one!


Brent and Shanna Farley said...

Fyi I finally put a review on Amazon.... Sorry it took so long. They say it will take a few days to review. Your book was great. When is the next one coming out? :)

Suzanne Reese said...

Thanks so much for being so nice! How are you doing? I heard you've been under the weather. I'm working feverishly on the next. Don't know when yet though.