Friday, January 30, 2009

Cell Phone Peeve

Let me say right up front that I love cell phones. Life as a parent is so much easier when you have instant access to all your children. A cell phone would have been great that time I left my then 12-year-old in charge of the youngens while I went shopping, and a demented guinea pig took a bite out of a tiny wrist. Who would have thought? A neighbor had to take my baby to the emergency room. I'm not sure which was more traumatic for the children - the bite or not being able to reach Mom.

But...with that said...sometimes I think as a society we've lost our collective minds. Last night I was sitting in a crowded a hallway during my son's musical rehearsal. A woman was taking a break from a game she was officiating, pacing the hallway, and talking to her husband. (If she happens to recognize herself, oh well. I don't think she was too worried about her privacy.) They're speaking quietly, until she says in a loud voice, "How am I supposed to get my diet coke if you won't bring the money?" Poor thing. Going without her diet coke and all. They went back and forth some more. Then she comes up with her doozie. "Are you having an affair? What's going on with you?"

It became very difficult at this point to pretend we weren't paying attention. There was more back and forth arguing. At one point she says, "You've got to tell me now. My game is going to start." Yep. Hurry up mister. These little details are getting in the way of my real life. Next comment she feels necessary to air in front of the rest of us: "If it's about money I'm entitled to know." A little more back and forth and she begins to calm down. Tries to solve the problem we're all sharing. "We don't have to go to San Diego for our anniversary. We can just go out to dinner. And we are getting that check tomorrow."

I feel bad for the lady. And especially her husband. But please people. Have some respect for yourselves and the rest of us. Not everything is meant to be shared!

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Karlene said...

That's funny. You should file it away and use it in a book sometime.