Monday, February 23, 2009

Cough Cough

This blog, along with the rest of my life, has been neglected for a couple of weeks while I've tried to get rid of a cold that has settled in my chest. The cold symptoms are gone, but the cough has turned into one of those obnoxious guests that just won't leave. Everybody has a suggestion for how to get rid of it. I've tried so many remedies--traditional and nontraditional--I'm not sure what I'm putting in my body anymore. It reminds me of the bell on my dog's collar. We put it there when he was tiny so we wouldn't step on him. And since he still tends to get under foot we decided to leave it there. My kids now have a warning cough letting them know I'm about to enter a room. "Quick, there's the cough, turn off the computer!" (I'm just kidding of course. My kids better know there'd be heck to pay if they hide anything on the computer.) Anyway, this morning Brandon offered to stay home and take care of me. He even offered to write my book for me. Since the offer came while he was searching for a paper his teacher was expecting to see, I had to turn it down. But I was tempted.


Tristi Pinkston said...

My mom has had a chronic cough for years. When my now-four-year-old was about one, he thought it was her own special language. Whenever he wanted to talk to her or get her attention, he'd cough at her. That made us laugh our heads off, which of course, made her laugh harder. :)

Suzanne Reese said...

That's adorable. My dad also had a chronic cough. I usually feel nostalgic whenever I hear one--unless it's coming from me.