Sunday, March 1, 2009

A hobby? Excuse me?

My 18-y-o has been college shopping for the past few months. She got it narrowed down to two, and had appointments to take a tour of both. After her first visit to UVU (just down the road from us) she was very excited about their website design program.

She searched the other university's website to find a comparable program for comparison, but could only find a single web design course. So I called the university (which I shall allow to remain anonymous) and told them I would like to talk to someone familiar with their web design program. The girl said "So is that like interior design?"

"No I said web design."

"Clothing design?"

"No. Web. Like the Internet. Computers."

"Art and graphic design?"

"That's closer."

She transferred me to the art department. They transferred me to the computer department. Who transferred me to information systems. They suggested I try the art department.

Here's what the adviser in the computer department said:(And I'm not making this up.) "Web design? That's really more of a hobby."

Yeah right. My next call was to cancel the tour.


G. Parker said...

Oh you want to trust that department!! lol crazy. You should take someone who makes big money at it and introduce them...grin.

Karlene said...

UVU has a great computer arts dept. I have some friends who've gone through it and rave about it.

Provo College does too (at least they used to several years ago). They're more expensive, but you get through faster.