Thursday, March 26, 2009

Upcoming Events

Our house is anxiously anticipating THE CALL about grandbaby's arrival. But assuming there aren't any conflicts (grandbaby trumps everything) I'll be popping in at a couple other events in April:

Author Extravaganza at Pleasant Grove Library
April 3, 2009
7 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
30 East Center Street, PG
Tons of your local favorite authors will be there!
If you happen to live in the area, please stop by!

LDStorymakers Writers Conference in Provo, Utah
April 24-25, 2009
The class schedule sounds great!


Taffy said...

I guess I'll get to see you again in PG!
Are you going to the LDS Storymakers Conf?

Suzanne Reese said...

Hey Taffy! I'm not positive yet - April is turning into the perfect storm of exciting events, so I'm waiting to make sure I'm available. Hopefully I'll see you at one or the other!

Taffy said...

Every weekend in April is booked for me! Busy but fun!!

Was I suppose to get something in the mail from you?

Suzanne Reese said...

What? You didn't? Actually, it should have come by email, from Amazon. On the same day I made the announcement that you were my big winner. I wonder if you just figured it was one of their ads? Sounds like what I'd do. Can you do a search and I'll check it out from my end? Sorry, I'm so glad you asked!

Taffy said...

I couldn't find anything under my amazon name or emails. My name on Amazon is Stephanie Lovell, since that is my legal name. Taffy is a nickname. Maybe I'm overlooking it somewhere. I'll keep trying.