Sunday, June 6, 2010

Proud Day

I've taken to going out in public without a hat - which is both liberating and intimidating. Nat's graduation was my first dress-up day that I dared go ala natural. But I sat through Jen and Mike's graduations with a hat one day and a wig the next. (or was it vise versa?) Anyway, both options were long and hot and itchy, and that was in the winter. So I left the hat at home and braved it. And since the day was about my girl and how proud we are of the young lady she's become... (have I mentioned she's headed off to BYU?) really doesn't matter what I was wearing!


EVO SIX said...

She's darling and so sweet! Saw her working crazy busy at coldstone tonight. Love her!

Suzanne Reese said...

Thanks Lisa - it's hard to imagine having a better teenager around. My biggest worry is that one of these days she's going to blow up and tell me that all those little things really did bother her. Cause for now she just goes with the flow and never complains. (Of course ALL my kids are fab - in case you're reading this!)