Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Package

I'm dying to call Michigan right now. But it's kind of middle of the night there, so I'm refraining. Instead, I decided to come here and give a big shout out to one of my most amazing of friends. Well, I guess technically she's family. But she's one of those great family members that you would choose in a heartbeat as a life-long friend, if you weren't already connected by family ties.

I count myself lucky to have many of you that fall into that category, so don't feel bad if you thought for a second I was talking about you, cause I could have been. But today the shout out is just for her. Apparently my frumpy post hit a nerve, and she took it upon herself to make me feel better. I'm talking makeup, jewelry, head covers, home decor, and of course CHOCOLATE! Caramel too, with a note that it's the next best thing to chocolate. And she's right, it is fabulous caramel. Every item came with a cheery note.

The house decor has already been put into place (it just arrived minutes ago). My poor non-magnetized fridge has been feeling awfully naked. These gel gems came with a note that they make her smile. And I am so smiling now, looking at those little cheery yellow flowers sitting in their little corner and reminding me of my sister friend. Life. Is. So. Good.

Thanks Carol!

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Mike, Jen and Ethan said...

Oh man, I love Aunt Carol!!!