Saturday, August 11, 2007

Aunt Bertha's Dead

Ah, life is good, even if she is dead. And since I don't actually know Aunt Bertha, or doubt if the one in question ever actually existed, I suppose that doesn't even count. For those of you who have been following my exciting new stage career, the latest news is that I have yet another line! That's three! I'm almost the star! And the new line is..."Your Aunt Bertha's dead!"

It's a rather good line actually, because I move to the front of the stage with another woman during one of the songs, and the other woman complains that she spent time in the hospital and no one came to see her - she then ticks off a list of people who didn't come to see her, and when she gets to Aunt Bertha, I say...yes, you guessed it..."You're Aunt Bertha's dead", to which she replies, "Well, she wouldn't have come anyway."

Which reminds me of a quote from a lady who really did die this past week, a friend of mine from water aerobics. She was 79, but you'd never guess it. She was known for her belly dancing, tarzan yells, and cliff diving. And for her great attitude. She used to tell her nine kids, who she raised as a single mom: "No one's responsible for your happiness but yourself."

Even if Aunt Bertha wouldn't have come.

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