Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Son!

I just found out my son in Mexico gets to read this blog, and that he actually spent time reading it today - but by now it's too late to wish him a happy birthday here - I actually thought about it yesterday, but decided against it, since I didn't think he was allowed to use the Internet beyond emails.

And if he ever gets to come back, it'll be after his birthday has passed. Which wouldn't be so bad, except that the package I so carefully put together several months ago never made it to him.

Which wouldn't be so bad except that he just found out he's going to stay in the same difficult area he's been in for months - they usually stay in an area for six weeks and he'll be there now for six months.

Which wouldn't be so bad except the companion he's had for those six months did get transferred, so he'll be spending his birthday with a new companion he will have only known for one day.

So you see why I'm sad that I didn't say Happy Birthday here, for him to read on the day before his birthday. A birthday that will be spent with no present or family or even friends. But in his words "it's all good." It's mostly just hard for the Mama, who is used to picking out video games and I-pods for birthdays; and instead had to settle for a package of neckties and twinkies and a CD of his family singing Happy Birthday. A package that didn't even arrive.

Oh well. It's all good. Happy Birthday son!


Janet Jensen said...

I really like your blog - tugged at my heart to think of your son w/o mama's package. It just ain't fair. Fortunately the kids are more resilient than we are. Congrats to your role in the musical! That is wonderful.

LOL, when HP came out I saw it at church in Dayton, Ohio (while visiting) and at an airport, a girl waiting in line to get on the Southwest flight was sitting on the floor, engrossed in Harry's story. I hope someone nudged her and told her to get on the plane so she didn't miss her flight!

Delicious blog. What IS it about chocolate?


Suzanne Reese said...

Thanks Janet! You're so kind - I took a quick look at your blog too, looking forward to spending more time there!