Monday, September 15, 2008

Why I Had My Smooshy Face

If there was ever a moment when I wondered why I decided to have another kid after my other four were more than half-way done growing up, my smooshy-face little cutie answered it this morning. (Not that I'm admitting I have, I'm just saying if, especially now that I'm looking at the prospect of being a grandma while still in the mommy business.) He was reading the comics while eating his breakfast, like he does every morning, and he pointed out the 'Baby Blues' comic strip to his dad. The sister in the strips asks her little brother what three things he'd take with him to survive on a desert island, and he says "That's easy, food, water, and mom." Then my little Brandon says, "Duh. Who wouldn't take those things?"

And that's why I had him. The cutie pie.


Anonymous said...

That's sweet! In these kind of moments, don't you wish you could just seal them up in a canning jar to keep them fresh? (Especially in un-sweet moments, like when they grip about taking out the trash!)

And good luck with your new book!

Dolly said...

Yeah- this is the same reason I have a twenty year old...three more teens and one cutie-that's four! I do want to keep him little forever :)