Wednesday, September 24, 2008


1. My Sunshine Girl had her first ultrasound today. She reports that Baby is singular, healthy, and a mover. She laughed when I asked if that meant the baby wiggled. "Most babies wiggle," she says (a proud Mama already). "This baby kicks, kicks, kicks, kicks, kicks. The head was on top when we started, and at the bottom when we finished." She was appropriately nervous about what this might mean about Baby's personality, but I think it just means that she's gonna get plenty bruised in the next few months, and then Baby is going to arrive with the same bright and happy personality of his/her Momma. I am so ready for that.

2. My Elder touches down on Draper soil TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY!!! That pretty much speaks for itself.

3. On Monday, my Natalie did me the honors of typing the words THE END at the bottom of my young adult paranormal romance, Perfectly Normal.

And as you can imagine, today I am gushing!


Karlene said...

YA paranormal romance? Sounds fun. :)

Dolly said...

Awesome to hear you've got so many exciting things going on-especially the return of your missionary! yay!
I'm waiting for your next update...