Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I've been feeling a little sentimental, and thinking about the moments that have made up my life. Wrote this sappy little thing this morning. Not very well edited, but I thought I'd put it up before I get distracted with some shiny new object.

“Wo . . . would you like to . . . ?
“Yes. I’d like that.”
“I’ve been thinking . . . and
wonder if you’d marry me?”
“Of course. Of course I would.”
“I’m so happy.”
“Me too. But there’s no money
in the bank, and we need groceries.”
“It’s all right. I’ll take care of it. Always.”
“I hope so, because
it’s going to be a girl.”
“A girl? A baby girl?”
“Yes, isn’t she beautiful?”
“Wow. She’s perfect.”
“She is. But we’ll need more room.”
“More room?”
“For her brother.”
“A son?"
"He'll be like you."
"I’ll build you anything.
Anything you need. Always.”
“Good. Because I’m hearing
lots of little feet in our future.”
“Then we’ll make lots of little rooms.”
“I’m happy. But so tired.
There’s so much to do.”
“It’s all right. We’ll do it together, always.”
“I knew you would.
Honey, this boy says he loves her.”
“Is he a good man?”
“Almost as good as you.”
“Then we’ll do all we can for them.”
“They seem so happy.
Do you remember that time?”
“Of course. And we’re not that different.
But now my eyes are weak. My hair is gray.”
“Which is perfect, for a grandpa.”
“Grandpa? Oh my. Were our babies that small?”
“Always. And that beautiful.”
“Yes, I remember. So long ago.”
“Honey, the doctor wants to see us both.”
“The tests? They’re in?”
“Yes. I’m scared. Hold me.”


EVO SIX said...

Way to make me cry suzanne.

Suzanne Reese said...

Thanks (or sorry?) Lisa,
I was crying all morning, but figured it was just me. One of those days. I think putting away Christmas decorations get me this way.

Mike and Jen said...

Oh Mom- that was so cute. I loved it.

Bethany Wiggins said...

You brought on a bout of tears for the new year. It is funny how the more time passes, the faster it goes. I hope your year is blessed.

Catherine said...

Wow, now that's a nutshell. I loved it!