Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Feeling good for now

This is my good week. The one just before chemo. Monday I did (drum roll please) water aerobics! Yep, went to the gym and put on a little swim suit (no shaving needed thank you very much) and a little swim cap (as if I need it) and got into the pool. I didn't actually aerobic much, just ran back and forth in the water. But it felt good to be weightless for a while.

The whole locker room thing was kind of awkward though. I wore my winter cap there, then went into a dressing closet to change into the swim suit and cap. After the workout I got in the shower with the swim cap on, and wore a towel on my head (again as if I needed it) to the dressing closet to get dressed and put on my winter hat. That's where it got weird, cause then I had to put my makeup on in the big dressing area with a ski cap on. Could have planned that better. I considered just taking the stupid thing off, but there were about a dozen women there and it would have almost been like sitting there naked. The way the one senile lady with the glazed eyes does. Except worse. So I just ignored the confused glances and put my makeup.

Then yesterday I one-upped myself and went to a yoga class. Had to do it one armed, which is surprisingly difficult. (I kind of overdid with my right arm and they gave me some strict restrictions. Like stop using the arm.)

All those things are great, but I'm feeling anxious to just get to Monday and get the next round over with. Not that I look forward to feeling icky again, but I just want to be done. Done being a chemo patient. It somehow feels wrong to feel good while I'm in the middle of it. And yes, I know that doesn't make any sense. I should just be enjoying this week. But there it is. I want to be DONE!!!

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