Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's all about the timing

So yesterday I half-jokingly post that maybe I'll settle for not scaring small animals as my latest goal. Not two hours later, my son's scout leader comes to the front door with a book he's supposed to work on. While she's at the door, her cute little dog--about the size of a rat--manages to roll down her car door window and jump out (the equivalent of 1000 foot drop to a human) then darted into the house, in an absolute frenzy. The embarrassed scout leader tried to pick him up, but he slipped away and headed into the living room, excitedly sniffing out our dog's living situation. I went after him while she explained the details of the book to Brandon. I'm here to say that no harm came to the little guy in the process. But it is fair to say I scared him plenty. Not sure how much lower I can set my expectations.

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