Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Road Trip!

So here it is. We leave in the morning. One ten-year-old. Five (technical) adults. One car. Ten hours. Each way.


I need to hang onto good thoughts. This is a vacation after all. Mickey and roller coasters and sunshine. It'll be good. It'll be good. It'll be good...


Laurie said...

Oh, I wish I was going with you!!! Have a TON of fun!!

Taffy said...

Go have FUN!

Rei said...

Have total fun and be SAFE!

Elena said...

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Lori Hurst said...

Suzanne, in a VERY convoluted path, found myself on your website!

So sorry about all you are going through, so proud of the books you are writing, so thrilled to hear the fight in your words, so hopeful everything works out just as you would like it to.

Keep in touch,

Lori Hurst

P.S. Hope the 'vacation' was a sucess - I live half my life in Australia (where my hubbie lives and half my life in Texas - where my kids live - so I am sort of confused on the term 'vacation' right now...)