Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So how's this for a plan?

The cough in my chest is hanging on, but my energy is slowly increasing. I had the treat of tending my adorable grandbaby today, and was mostly able to keep up with him, though I am looking forward to bed even more than usual tonight. The fam is just hoping I improve enough for our trip in a couple weeks.

When I asked the nurse what to expect as far as energy during the radiation, she said, "You know how it is after a big day in the sun and you're just worn out and need a nap? That's what it'll feel like every day."

So I've been thinking, maybe if I wear beach attire to the hospital, and put Calypso music in an I-pod, I can trick my brain into thinking I've really spent the day on some exotic beach instead of a metallic radiated tube. That way, I can think of it as an awesome five-week vacation instead of cancer treatment.

I realize there are some flaws in the theory, but it's a work in progress.


lotusgirl said...

What a great attitude. I love the idea of wearing a bathing suit to the hospital. I'll have to check out your book. Have a great day!

Ibu said...

Balancing your mind through the pleasure principle is a therapy. I will support you through my prayers.

Kimi said...

I think it's a perfect plan!

You'll be RADIANT!

Love you!

Lou said...

Good luck to you. Excellent idea to wear the bathing costume.

The Everaert Family said...

Hey Suzanne,

I'm just cruising through Blogger while eating my thai garlic rice noodle soup (it's not as good as it sounds) and happened upon you. I thought it would be rude to continue on without at least saying 'hi'. I was actually feeling a bit sorry for myself today, and sending some crabby vibes towards my husband. After seeing your struggles, I am going to try and not be so stupid about the little things and be grateful for my big things. I have a lot. So thank you for that, and good day, and good health to you, my dear.

Julie in Canada

Dave Sargeant said...

Suzanne- Take the rest as you need it. Good to see that you still want to be a help to others but allow others to be a help to you. Dave. Found your blog by going to next blog. Mine is Beauties of creation. Still a novice at this blog thinh though.

Suzanne Reese said...

Wow I didn't know all these comments were here until today - I had to tighten security cause I was getting spam comments. Anyway, thanks for all the kind words. I've ruled out wearing the bikini - might be sent upstairs to the padded cells - unless maybe it's under my clothes. Maybe just a Hawaiian-print shirt will do?