Thursday, October 13, 2011

Brand New Sweetie-Smooshie-Pie!

I mentioned in my last post that a most amazing thing happened. Last month actually, but I'm a little behind the times.

I don't know if it's possible to find anything sweeter than a brand new baby. Or if there's anything better than being a grandma. Heaven's reward for being a mom. I mean, just look at that face!

But of course, as with all things connected to me, there was a complication. My Jen is a super human momma who popped the little one out in a few seconds and was ready to go home a few minutes after that. You know the kind that make the rest of us look bad? (It's okay, I love her anyway). But when our little Raegan (cute isn't it?) was two days old, Jen took her back to the hospital to get her bilirubum (I'm sure that's not the spelling) checked.

Well, Mike was at work and I was with Ethan, so Jen was on her own when the doc listened to Raegan's little heart and said "Your baby has a hole in her heart" and then walked out of the room.

My own heart ached for her when she got home and told me the story. One of the catches of this grandmother business is that the people you worry about just multiply.

It turns out little Raegan has two holes. One is likely to close on its own, but there's a good chance the other will need to be fixed with open-heart surgery sometime in the next few months.

Of all the things I hoped to pass on to my posterity, holes in their hearts was not one.

But her parents are strong, and she is unimaginably beautiful, and God is good, so I'm confident they'll make through.


Jen said...

Thanks Mom! We know our sweetie-smooshie-pie will make it through in the end.

Suzanne Reese said...

And she did! Haven't follow up here, but Raegan's precious little heart is healing itself. Hooray!