Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sad and Lonely Cyber Places

So I know with all my rash and rapid posting of the last week I probably gave you all a bit of whiplash. I know, it's like WHA--? She's had a wedding, she's had another surgery, and a grandbaby (oh wait, I don't think I even got that far. But she adorable. Trust me. Pictures coming, promise) AND she has a book coming out?!? But wait, is that her, or some other author?

I know, I'm confused myself.

So let me splain: my official author name is Suze Reese, and my official author blog is I did this for a few reasons, mostly because there's already a fairly famous author out there by the name of Suzanne Reese. Also because I just like Suze Reese. It's how grew up and I like it. And then there's a small degree of privacy with using a name that's not my every day one. Not sure how much of that is possible these days, but it's a nice thought anyway.

So I've been working like a mad person getting all the social media set up. But it kind of stinks that I'm starting from scratch, so I've got all these lonely little pages waiting to be found. I'm confident they will with time. But for now, if any of you are visiting here, do you suppose you could go visit there and give me some cyber hugs? That's so sweet, thanks. And once again, that site is

I'm other places too: facebook, twitter, goodreads. If you're comfy in any of those places give me a shout out.

And I love you too!

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