Monday, December 8, 2008

Can You Top That?

As you know, I'm having a contest. It's easy to enter - just spread the word about my new book. The exact boring details are on my website for your reading pleasure.

Over the weekend I received a submission from a lady who has become a definite front-runner for my grand prize $100 Amazon Gift Card. Her blog is the Petticoat Posse Roundup and she had some way nice things to say.

You'll have to go to her blog to see it all, but here's an example. In response to some excuses for not indulging in a new book (namely mine) she says:

"I have bills therefore I work and the boss makes me do the work of 3 people therefore I am too tired to eat let alone indulge myself with a novel."

My response: Have a friend take a full body photo of you in your work clothing and then surf the net for a good deal on getting that photo turned into a lifesized cardboard cutout display JUST like they have at the video stores as movie displays. If you really want to trip your boss out get three of them made to make him think you literally cloned yourself in your loyalty to the company. Put it at your work station then spend your shift playing hookie hookie. At home, in bed reading "Where Hearts Prosper".

Great stuff! My whole family was engaged in hysterical laughter for a few minutes there.

A $100 gift card will be given away in January for the person who promotes my book in the most amazing way - determined totally by me. I've had some wonderful, amazing friends do wonderful, amazing things so far - can any of you top that?


Dori said...


Hope this helps you meet your goals

Carol said...

Hysterical laughter eh? Hmm, I may have to rethink my career. Move over Brett Butler!

Two more days to buy your book at Amazon! Woo hoo!!!