Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Contest Winner and Phase Two Begins!

I have been smacked in the face with real life during the holidays, and as a result haven't posted the contest winner of phase one. I am so sorry. I won't go into details about the last five days, since I'll either bore you to tears or make you think I'm lying. Let's just say it involves: a constipated dog, a kid with mono, another with a cold, a wedding anniversary, my husband's birthday, a church Christmas party, a family party, a family member's baptism, a choir program (that I'm directing), and a marathon shopping day. Whew.

But - I have not forgotten the contest! And that there is a winner! This morning I put all the names in a bowl - there were a lot of them I'm happy to say - and as I did I one-by-one kept thinking "I hope it's her" "oh I hope it's her" "oh no, I want it to be her". I think I did that with every contestant for one reason or another. Which made it a given that I would be so happy when I drew the name (other than feeling bad it couldn't be all of you.)

Anyway...the winner, chosen at random, is my good friend Cathleen Rackley. Cathleen is an incredible lady - I don't know how much she would want me to share on this blog, so I'll just say that she's a walking story waiting to be told, and an amazing example to anyone she meets of making the best out of the worst life has to offer. She has also been a great supporter of my work, even before she knew anything about it. There was that time she did reminded me of Kathy Bates and the movie Misery right before warning me that I better not have killed off the good guy. I think that was followed by wicked laughter. (I'm loosening my collar right now.)

But seriously, congrats Cathleen! You deserve it.

And it's not too late to win more prizes. Just write read the book, write a review, and share. Details are here.


Leisha Camden said...

Hi, I just wanted to say that I dig the name of your blog. ;-)

Gina said...

I can't keep my house clean and I'm not trying to save the world! Where did I go wrong ;)