Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Bell Clanged

When the nice nurse took out my IV drip for the last time (well, sort of the last time. I still have a full year of Herceptin by IV every three weeks, but I'm told that'll be a breeze) she presented me with a bottle of sparkling cider, and told me to clang the bell on the wall when I left. Me being me, I clanged the bell in the wrong direction, leaving a mark on the wall, which only seems fitting. I did finally get it right, while clutching my sparkling cider, and the nurses and staff members cheered and gave me a fitting goodbye. The fam toasted my finish at dinner (which happened to be an authentic Peruvian dish prepared by a dear lady.) Now I just have a few days of some icky symptoms, and I'll be home free!

In answer my most-asked question: How will we know if it worked? Well, they won't run any tests, they'll just take the wait and see approach. I'm supposed to call if I have any odd symptoms that last for at least three weeks. If I call before that they'll tell me to keep watching. The doc explained that running extra tests just causes extra anxiety and has them chasing after false leads. Plus I guess there won't be a big rush if it does come back, since they'll only being treating the symptoms. But that's all stuff I don't like to think about. If (when) I'm cancer-free in three years, I can celebrate.

Those three years happen to fall around my 50th birthday, so my family has been put on notice that I'm expecting a BIG celebration. All of you who have been cheering me on are invited. Details, obviously, to follow.

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Laurie said...

Can I send my RSVP for your 50th BD party now? I'll be there with BELLS on!!! 50 is a great birthday anyway, but yours will be GREAT!

I'm so glad you are finished with the chemo stuff. You have been in my thoughts constantly.

You ARE an inspiration and a wonderful woman. I am lucky to know you. Keep up the positive attitude!!!!

Laurie J.