Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tattooed Lady?

I pulled out my wallet today and caught a glance at the picture on my driver's license. It made me very sad. The lady in the mirror looks nothing like that.

Tomorrow marks another "I never thought I'd be doing that" event. I'll be preparing for radiation, the highlight of which will be the tattoos. Yes, you read that right. Tattoos. They'll consist of a blue ring of dots around the area to be radiated, ie. my chest. And yes, I asked the doctor all the questions you're thinking, "Do I HAVE to?" "Can't I...?" "What about...?" But there's no way around it. Tomorrow I'll not only be bald, but tattooed. Permanently. Kind of sounds like a circus side show. Sigh and sigh again. I seem to do that a lot lately.

It's been suggested I turn them into flowers. Hmmm. Maybe.

On the upside, I am soooo ready for my last round of chemo. Just two days! Not exactly my choice of parties, but I'll be so glad to be done and done with this part of my life. Six weeks from that is when the hair is scheduled to start coming in. Happy Days!


Mike and Jen said...

Yea for your last round of chemo!!!!

Sierra Snow Soaps said...

Your blog was next to mine, I like to see whats happening near by after I make a post. :)
As someone who has been through the cancer thing with my dad, I know it sucks and I am sending some prayers with this comment for you. My dad kept a positive attitude through 14 years of bladder cancer (it went away when they took it out), colon cancer, and prostate cancer. I think it was all our prayers that brought him that far. You don't get to be 82 years old without some prayers. He should be out with my mom on the quads today by their home in Yuma. My mom is going to be 80 in April, she is going to get her first tattoo. She is a Chemo Angel.

The Boyfriend Shopper said...

Hey there, I just wanted to say that I'm loving your blog. I'll definitely be following.

Check out mine, I think you'd especially love it!

Kimi said...

Good luck with your chemo! Too bad I'll be out of town --we could have made it a Keemo party. Bummer. Radiation parties just aren't the same, are they? Prob not.

When I think of which aunt of mine would ever get a tattoo, you're the first one I think of every time.

EVO SIX said...

Now you're really going to be a hard core chick stud! You've earned that title and worked hard for it! Wear it proud my friend! Love you - lis