Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Good Day for My Daughter

So yesterday my Nat stopped at Coldstone on her way home from school and learned they're hiring. She was told she'd "probably" get the job if she could get a recommendation, which she can since one of her best friends works there. Then she stopped at at tutoring center, since that would be an even better job, and learned that they need someone who knows calculus, which is the one smarty-pants skill she's missing, but that they can "probably" use her this summer.

We called her brother--a mechanical engineering major-- with the news of a job for calculus smarties. He stopped by on his way home and believes he "probably" has the job.

To top it all off, when Nat got home she checked her email and learned that she's been accepted to BYU! If you're not in the know, that's one huge accomplishment. (She's still not totally decided. Another "probably".)

Assuming she does go, it will make us possibly the state's most non-loyal University parents. We've been Aggies through and through. Not only did both my Rob and I graduate from USU, but all four of our parents attended, with three graduating. And our oldest just got her masters there. But in the years since we've had one at UofU, one at UVU, and now one at BYU.

Our new motto is: Go ... Universities in the state of Utah!

Catchy, don't ya think?

Anyway, it's all good, and Congrats Nat!


Mike and Jen said...

I still say... Go USU!!

But I am very happy for Natalie!! Congrats Sis!

Kimi said...

Awesome Natalie! Congratulations!

Taffy said...

Very cool day all around!

Echo said...

Congrats to Natalie! And hurray for the whole family's upcoming Disney adventure! Way to go, such ingenuity Suzanne!