Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's Finally...HAIR!!!

After long last and lots of obsession, I finally have what my Nat calls "a full head of hair." Brandon isn't so sure. He was a little uncomfortable when he learned that I didn't bring a hat for our shopping trip yesterday. But after a few minutes in the store he informed me that no one had stared yet. I told him it was okay if people stared, it just meant they were trying to figure out if I'd been sick or if I just liked really short hair. He shrugged and mumbled that it's still best if they don't stare at all.

I actually did get a few stares from some tiny kids, but they smiled back when I smiled at them, so I don't think they were traumatized. Just confused.

For any of you sick-os who are just dying to know the details (sorry to call you sick-os, know that I dearly love anyone who cares enough about me to want to know the details, I just feel kind of silly giving them, but since I keep getting asked...) In the last couple of weeks I've had to dig up tweezers for my eyebrows...shave my legs more times than I can count (those leg hairs are in some serious quest to make up for lost time)...the eyelashes are nice and short but I can find the little stubs with mascara...and anything I haven't mentioned is doing nicely too.

This was me watching my boo-ti-ful grandson on Monday, May 6, my last day of radiation, with my ouchy burns still fresh and raw:

And this is the two of us baldies today (two weeks later) with the wounds all healed up. He's a little too mesmerized by my web cam to smile, but I promise we were having fun. Can you just STAND all that hair? I even put gel in it today (as if you couldn't tell.) ;)

Woot! Woot!


Tiffany Harkleroad said...

You look gorgeous. I have been reading for a while now, but never spoke up to say hello. You are an inspiration.

Suzanne Reese said...

Oh Tiffany thank you. I'm so glad you stopped in - and I truly appreciate your encouragement!

Kimi said...

Remember when you thought your hair cut was reeeeaaaaallllyyy short? Haha! Now look at you rockin' the short n' spiky! (I could totally tell you had gel in it).

You look GREAT (as usual). You're a woman of all looks! You can pull off anything! (Ethan's kinda cute too). (!!!)

Congrats on the many kinds of hair you are welcoming back. Happy tweezing!

Kimi said...

Oh, and nice pun.

Taffy said...

You look great, Suzanne! I think hot pink or electric blue spiky gel would be awesome on you ;)

Sierra Snow Soaps said...

I think you both look adorable!
Michelle in NV

EVO SIX said...

You have a beautiful smile. Love you friend.

lotusgirl said...

Yea to the end of radiation and the return of hair. I hope all is going well.