Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Snowy Tulips

My Momma called last night and told me that when she checks my blog and it hasn't been updated, she assumes I must be too tired to do much of anything. So I guess for Momma's sake I'd better post something. (The woman is pushing on 90 and doesn't need any more stress than she currently has) The truth is I'm beginning to feel like some kind of normal--not a true everything-is-like-it-was normal. But a new kind, one I suppose I can live with.

Sometimes I feel like the tulips and glads in my garden. At times they're standing up tall, facing the sun, looking new and fresh and like they totally belong here. Then suddenly a storm will come in and dump snow on them, and they look rather confused and and pitiful and out of place.

I'm getting my energy back, able to exercise for real and not just with the slowest pace on the treadmill. I've gotten Brandon back into his music, though it's still just hit and miss. In the last week I actually (drum roll please) interviewed for a job. It's part-time editing work and from my home. Don't know if I'll get it, but just the fact that I feel like I can do it is wonderful. AND (longer drum roll) I bought a new-for-me car! It's got a few miles on it, but it is beautiful (at least in the pictures). Bright red and sporty. Rob asked me if I was going through a mid-life crisis, and I told him it's more like a post-cancer celebration. It's on its way from Texas as we speak, and I am sooo excited. Oh, and it's a manual transmission. And I kind of don't know how to drive those. But I figured it's time I learn. (I'm sure there will be more on that to come.)

So you see - I'm back in the world of the living, doing normal (well, normal for me) living things. Of course I also have three scans in the next two weeks. They're not looking for cancer, as some have assumed, but watching for problems that my meds could cause - my bones, my heart, and my blood vessels.

The changes they're making to my hormones cause some wild and wacky things to happen from time-to-time (like snow in May) but nothing I can't live with. I keep getting reverse hot-flashes (as I call them) which are just deep internal chills. (Weird I know, especially in the summer, but I'll take them over hot-flashes). And I grew a beard then broke out in a rash when I tried to get rid of it. (I warned you it was weird stuff). My bones scream at me when I stand up, like I'm even older than my mom and have no right to be forcing them to move. But it only lasts half-a-second and then I feel fine.

So there you go. I guess you could say that I'm not quite out of the pool, but swimming much closer to the surface than I was before.

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EVO SIX said...

Loved this post. Yay for your new car! You should have brookie teach you how to drive a stick. She never thought she would learn and now she's a pro!!! It would be funny at the least. Love ya!