Monday, May 3, 2010

Racing for the Cure

So I've decided to Race for the Cure this Saturday at the Gateway, despite the whole Colonel Blunder. My girls wanted to form our own team, so we're (appropriately) called 'Just Keep Swimming'. I was asked to ask ten friends to donate ten bucks to the cause. If there's one skill I totally don't have it's raising money (just ask my hubby). So I'm counting this as asking ten friends, since I know a whole bunch more of you than that will be reading this. If you feel so inclined to help the cause, you can find our team website at:

And if you happen to be at the Gateway this Saturday, please look for me. I can use a hug or two. I'll be the one in pink. And if you need another clue, I'll also be the one with about 1/4" of black stubble all over her head! =)


Suzanne Reese said...

Wow! I just discovered our little team has raised 300% of our goal! Thank you soooo much!!!!

Kimi said...

I SO wish I could have Raced for the Cure with you!

I hope it went well!

Congrats on raising so much --see? You're not so bad at raising money!

Can't wait to see your hair --and we thought that one haircut was supershort! Ha!