Monday, November 16, 2009

A Little Off-Course

So my little chemo buddies went the wrong way over the weekend, sending me to the emergency room with a fever. Apparently doctors like to keep you around when that happens. My white blood count is low, and they won't let me leave until it goes back up. No idea when that will be.

I was bawling when they wheeled me to my room, and the sweet nurse kindly says, "Long night in the emergency room?" I felt so stupid, couldn't even say why I was crying, so I had Rob do it for me. I was going to miss Brandon singing at church--a duet. I've been so caught up in this stupid battle that I haven't even heard him practice. Wasn't even sure what song he was singing. One more cancer robbery, dang it.


Teri said...

Bless your heart!!!! My neighbor's little girl has leukemia and has been dealing with the chemo and fevers, etc. She too has so much to miss, and all I can say is I'm sorry to her when she can't come over and play. I hope the counts go up soon so you can enjoy things like the duet, and life in general!!!!! Hugs!

EVO SIX said...

I don't know if this will make you feel better or not. i hope better. He did great! he's adorable and you should be (I know you are) proud. As well as we sat behind your CUTE family and loved watching the grandbaby. he was making the cutest faces at Brooke! We laughed the whole time. quietly, of course, because it was Sacrament meeting! Thinking of you every day!

Suzanne Reese said...

If there's one thing more sad than a mom with cancer, it's a child. Give your little neighbor a hug for me when you see her.

Thanks so much, your notes always make me feel better. Doesn't Ethan have the most killer smile?

Libby said...

My prayers are with you! Sorry for your pain. Love ya.