Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Pacifier

Yesterday Whitney, Jen, and the grandbaby took me and my achy bones on a little walk.

(Let me apologize right up front to Jen. Since I only have one grandchild, anonymity wasn't possible. Love you Sweetie. Remember that.) Anyway, as we turned a corner, Ethan sneezed, propelling his pacifier several feet in front of the stroller. It then bounced ahead, down the hill in front of us. Jen calmly asked her sister to hold onto the stroller, then dashed after the bouncing binky. When she reached it, it bounced between her feet and kept going.

Jen apparently decided it was time to up her game--and began waving her arms wildly. When that didn't help, she started to yell. "STOPPP!!! STOP ROLLING!!!" She continued on her way, yelling and waving her arms, right past one of our new neighbors--who doesn't know us from the Addams Family. I turned away in embarrassment. But then couldn't keep from looking--like when you pass a car wreck--in time to see her trip over the binky again, arms flailing.

The binky made it half-way down the hill before she finally caught up to it and returned, triumphant. Between fits of laughter, Whitney helpfully pointed out that the pacifier probably couldn't hear her screams. I also helpfully added (while holding my sides) that it probably would have stopped on its own eventually. While she had to admit that was true, she defensively explained that it's the only binky she owns that her baby likes, so it's a huge priority to her.

Upon reflection, it's moments like that, Ladies and Gentlemen, that give me the courage to fight the good fight.

I only wish I'd had a video camera.


Kimi said...

A great moment, I agree. I'm so glad you have them to fight for! Hang in there. I love you. Along with many, many others.

Mike & Jen said...

Mom- remember how I told you to erase that moment in time from your memory??? Obviously you did not listen. And just for the record, I don't think I screamed "STOP ROLLING". I think it was "AHHH". This story makes me sound like a nerdo. Oh well, it's out now. I guess there's nothing I can do. I will forgive you... in time. I still love you though.

EVO SIX said...

Jen we all know we do crazy crazy things for our kids. Not to worry. You have company. All of the rest of us crazy nerdo moms who have done seriously crazy thing for our babies. Welcome to the club.

Suzanne Reese said...

You told me to forget that moment? THAT I forgot. The moment itself is happily emblazoned in my memory.