Thursday, November 12, 2009

No more honeymoon

So the sweet delusion of thinking maybe this chemo won't be so bad came to screeching halt this morning. I did manage to sleep. But I woke up with the sensation that a criminal was standing over my bed attempting to smother me. When I tried to move, I realized it wasn't just my chest that hurt. It was bone ache from scalp to toe and everywhere in-between. I was still frozen in place, accessing the situation, when my poor, unsuspecting hubby entered the room and asked if I needed anything.

"Yes!" I pretty much screamed, my body pinned to the bed. "I need THINGS! LOTS of things!"

I then began barking out orders like a mad man. Pain meds. Water. Soft food. Warm bath.

The pain is being caused by one of the good guys. A new drug that goes directly into the bone marrow and protects my white and red blood cell counts from dropping. Knowing that should make it feel better. Should.

Hopefully the pain will start decreasing over the next couple days. And even more hopefully it won't be replaced by something even more gruesome. But for now I'm just sitting around feeling very chemoed.


EVO SIX said...

mmmm. I'm so sorry Suzanne. :( You're still there . . . in my prayers. love you.

Bethany Wiggins said...

You are so strong, not only to go through this, but to be able to share. Reaching out to others is a power very few have. You are in my thoughts and prayers.