Thursday, September 17, 2009

First the Good News...

Wow do I feel loved. The support I've received in the last few days has been wonderful. I also feel incredibly under control under the circumstances.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that the tumor is malignant.

For those that want more gory details: they don't have all the results of the biopsy, and ran a bunch of new tests today, so I guess the answers will dribble in over the next few days. What they do know is that it's a rare type of tumor (rare is what I do best) a Lobular Carcinoma, which just so happens doesn't always show up on mammograms. (Hence the reason for SELF-EXAMS!!!) The good news to that is that it didn't just show up and start growing out of control. The bad news is that it's been hanging around for a while, so who knows what its been doing. I have a theory on why it at least seems to have grown so suddenly recently, but won't know if it's correct until some more tests come in.

The surgery doesn't have to be immediate, but will be soon--about ten days--which will give them more time for more tests. Love those tests. Especially the way you repeatedly get asked, "So how are you today?" And then you repeatedly think of snarky responses that you'd never actually use. I mean, they're holding the chart. They know the diagnosis that was just received. Isn't there a better greeting than that?

So for your homework tonight, please either: A. give me a good response or B. suggest a better greeting. And most important, please keep those prayers coming. I can truly feel them.

Oh, and if you know of a vacant house around Draper that will be available in the next few days, let me know!

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Kimi said...

Haha! I would totally use the snarky response!

Besides, you're a cancer patient! You can say anything and get away with it!

Don't know how I got so behind on the blog. I've got like 5 more posts to read. I'll probably just comment as I go along. Annoying, right?

~Snarky McSnarklemeister