Friday, September 18, 2009

How NOT to make smooth exit

Couldn't sleep again last night. And I know, you don't have to tell me, my body needs its rest. Of course I tell my body this, which sends it into a panic. My brain starts screaming: "How are you going to heal if you don't rest!?!" And of course nobody ever fell asleep with their brain screaming. But I'm working on it, really.

Anyway, while pacing the house, and lying in bed, and sitting on the couch, with my stupid brain screaming at me to stop thinking so much and just fall asleep, I thought of some brilliant advice to give you all. Just in case it comes in handy for someone. Here it goes: if you're ever trying to move away from a place you love without making a big fuss, do not go and announce you have breast cancer. It's like trying to slip out of a party and knocking over the punch bowl just as you get to the door. Everybody in the room looks up and says, "What the heck?" And then you just stand there all wide-eyed wiping red goo off your dress and smiling feebly at everybody.

Of course it's not exactly like that. Because at that party they'd probably just laugh for a minute then go back to what they were doing. But in my case they then all come rushing up to you to give you a hug and ask how they can help. Which is really good. It's just not the smoothest way to make an exit. But then I always was kind of a klutz.


The Bowler Five said...

Suzanne-Talked to Jen last night. Know your in our thoughts and prayers.

Shar Fox said...

Suzanne~ I join in the circle of love and prayers for you. Jim passed this on to me. He is out on the Aleutian Islands at a conference. His cell phone does not work out there, but I know he joins me in sending his love.

Suzanne Reese said...

Thanks so much! I'm so glad I got to see Jim. I miss him, but that makes it easier.

Kimi said...

You're funny. Love the analogy. But you know there's no way they're letting you leave the party now.