Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Healing House

We're in our new house--the healing house--and kind of settled - though we can't find a few vital things like dish and bath towels. The help has been amazing and mind boggling. I hate to think of the number of backs thrown out on my behalf.

This is not the time to be moving, and believe me we've been wringing our hands ever since getting the news. But from the moment I saw this house online I had the thought that it looks like a place built for healing. That impression was compounded when we walked through it. The walls are dusty blue. There is a large deck in the back surrounded by trees, with a gazebo, and a hot tub. From the master balcony there is a perfect view of the new LDS temple, which lights up beautifully at night. There's even a sauna in the basement.

Everyone seems to be thriving so far, except the dog, who can't maneuver the stairs. But he's getting the hang of it. I'm slowly unpacking the less vital boxes--hoping to find those towels--in between doctor visits and treatments intended to help my body fight off those wicked cancer cells.

Please stop by and visit if you're close. Just make sure you call, since I can't hear the door bell from the hot tub or the sauna.


Taffy said...

Where did you move? Same area?
Love you!
You are in my prayers.

Annette Lyon said...

Definitely thinking of you--and you'll be on my mind Oct 7th. It was good to read the updates. Hope all goes well. Keep updating so we know what's going on. I know a lot of us are worried about you.

Make LOTS of use of that sauna!

Katie Parker said...

I am so glad to hear that you're getting settled in your new house! Not glad about the rest, but I'm glad they're taking care of you. Take care, and know our thoughts and prayers are with you.