Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wahoo! It's a Contest!

One of my good friends and favorite authors has a new book coming out in the next week, and to celebrate she's having a contest. I love contests. I happened to be a winner of the contest for her last book, and loved the story even more than the chocolates that I won! The author is GG Vandagriff, and if you haven't read any of her stuff you've been missing out. The Hidden Branch is a novel of mystery, romance, and comedy that takes place in Huntington Beach, CA, (one of my favorite places ever) and is the fifth in the Alex and Briggie Mystery Series. Fortunately it can also be read as an introduction to the series, so you can jump in now if you haven't read the others. See for more info.
-Buy the book on line or in the store before September 17th and qualify for an Alex and Briggie gift package, and a chance to win an autographed set of the entire series. Just make sure you do the following:
E-mail GG your name and address at ggvan1 @
Tell her where you bought the book

That's it, and you're in the running!

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