Saturday, September 19, 2009

Today's Traumatic Experience

It was actually a very good day. The housing situation still isn't settled, but we have some good prospects and believe we'll be able to move into one of a couple of good choices by next week. We also have some substantial packing taken care of, with a plan for the rest. The blessing so far is that the upcoming move is doing wonders at keeping my mind off the other upcoming thingymajig.

But the day wasn't all sunshine and roses. While standing on the porch of one of the homes we're considering, an adorable 4-year-old blond girl came running up saying, "Who are you?" I told her I was just visiting, but she wasn't satisfied and repeated the question, and I repeated my answer. She was followed close behind by an equally adorable 3-year-old blond girl who said. Are you ready? Cause seriously I was floored.


I wasn't sure I heard her right. I couldn't have. I promise, every single time I tell someone I'm a grandma, they react with surprise. "Oh, you're much too young to be a grandma." And it has to be genuine. Right? I mean, people don't just say things like that unless they mean it. Right? Plus, I'm just BARELY a grandma. But she repeats herself. "Are you Grandma?"

I swallow my indignation and tell her that I am A grandma. Then she studies me for a moment with her wide little innocent eyes, and says, "I want you to be MY Grandma."


I guess if I have to look like a Grandma, at least I apparently look like a Good Grandma. But I'll think twice before going out of the house without makeup again.


EVO SIX said...

Suzanne. I love you. Love reading your blog even if the posts are not what any of us would want to read about much less write about. You are in my prayers. Keep hanging in there.

Suzanne Reese said...

Thanks Lisa - you've always been a beam of sunshine in my life!

Kimi said...

Well, I think you look like a GREAT grandma!

Haha! Get it? I meant "great" as in awesome-- but it sounded like "great" as in super old! Hahahaha! I crack myself up!

Toddlers have no gauge for age identification. Don't even worry about it. You really don't look anything like a proper grandma.

Why does this keep coming out wrong?

I love you!