Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ahh Sweet Shower

I showered today. It wasn't the first shower since my surgery. Just the first not spent both crying over the shock of my new reflection in the mirror, and trying to juggle dangling tubes and bulbs along with soap and shampoo. Almost felt human afterward. Such a wonder, those showers. Turn a knob and a gentle spray of soothing warm water drenches you. Pure heaven. Just one of many things I've taken for granted lately.

Also talked to the nurse who is coordinating my care. She told me that chemo is the second-worst part of this process. That surprised me, since it's the part I'm dreading the most. I asked her what the worst part is, and she said I just did it.

Whew. I'm still absorbing that. I just did the hardest part. If that's true, I might just make it.


Jennie said...

Suzanne, as a fellow breast cancer survivor, let me say I hear you on the shower. I also want to tell you that in the coming months, days and years, you'll discover a new appreciation for so many things once taken for granted. Soon, like me, you'll embrace Maya Angelo's statement concerning facing something really difficult "but I wouldn't take nothin' for the journey now." It's a rough journey, but the deep appreciation for life, the gospel, and this wonderful world it leaves behind are worth it. God's blessings as you continue your journey.

Taffy said...

I worked in a doctors office when a woman came in to have her drains checked. She was amazingly positive and funny. I just stared at her in admiration. You remind me of her. The only difference: she had a 'double' whammy.