Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baby Steps

So...let's see...I slept without Percocet last night. That was a biggie. One step closer to being able to drive. Then I went to a class where I learned how to paint my eyes with so much makeup that no one will know when I don't have any eyelashes. The point was that studies have shown women who get dressed and make themselves look nice actually recover better than women who don't. Looking like a hooker was just a side benefit.

And after that class was the best of all...I got the rest of my drains out! Woo Hoo! It doesn't take much to excite me these days.

I won't have any more big hurdles until next Tuesday, when I meet with the oncologist and go over the game plan. I was told I could start chemo as soon as the next day. But I know I'm going to want a couple of days to review my options and get my brain wrapped around it all.

On a final note -- if any of you nice people out there sent me a soft, fuzzy blanket, with the breast cancer awareness ribbon, will you please let me know who you are so I can thank you properly? I only know it came from Overstock. And I seriously doubt they randomly send out blankets to cancer patients.


Brent and Shanna Farley said...

I'm impressed you slept without percocet. That's awesome. I seriously was on it for like two months after I had Eli, and I think your surgery was a lot more painful than deliver was. I hope you are feeling better. Don't ever forget that you are an amazing an strong women. YOu are continually in our prayers and hope chemo isn't too hard on you.

EVO SIX said...

congratulations on being "drain free"! Still lovin' ya and prayin' for ya!

Christine Thackeray said...

Good luck. I read about you on Storymakers and decided to come visit.

Taffy said...

You are amazing!
Since you are trying to be a hooker, you should buy fishnet nylons. Nothing says womanly allure like fishnets!

Kimi said...

Wasn't me.

I'm glad you got to take a proper shower. I will take the time to appreciate mine today...hopefully today...maybe this afternoon?

I remember when you bought me my first makeup and showed me how to use it. Maybe I can have another lesson in the "night walker" style? Gotta stay up on the latest styles, you know.

Maybe you can hang your drain tubes on the Christmas tree. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

And just like your little drainage tubes, you just HANG IN THERE!!!

Love you!

Suzanne Reese said...

Thanks to all of you! Shanna - don't go comparing pain. I've had a Percocet love affair before. We're all different at different times, and I know you've had it rough lately! But talk about tough - I'm so impressed with your perseverance!

And Keems - I'm so bummed I didn't keep my drains. That would have been just the thing on our tree this year. But come on over for me makeup lessons - I'll give you the advanced ones this time!